Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tips to Get the First 5 Thousand Users for Your Dating App

Gaining a huge amount of users is challenging for startups. And gaining users for product-based platform is even more problematic.

To attract such a huge amount of users, you need to make sure that you already have enough users on-board already from the beginning.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll share few tips to overcome the issue of gaining users at the beginning, especially for the dating apps.

You’ll also learn how to gain the initial user base and how to keep that number growing.

What You Need to Decide First

Before you start working to gain first users on-board, you need to first define who your users are, how you want them to see your app, and why they should prefer your app over others.

Target Audience

The fact is, a dating app’s value is in its users only. So while planning for a dating app, always remember the audience that your app targets.

There are many other popular dating apps like for farmers (Farmers Only), for pet-owners (Twindog), for minorities (JSwipe), and for several other demographics.


Once you define your target audience, determine how to communicate with them and most importantly, how you want your target audience to think about your app.

An app with a clear message will resonate than all promotional materials.

For example, “Chat & Dating - Local Single People Meet” uses videos so that its users can show their true authenticity by dialogue, facial expressions, and emotional resonance. Where tinder only allows people to upload couple of pictures and write a short bio.

(One of the Space-O’s projects, social networking startup Chat & Dating is social platform for meeting new people, especially for dating.)

Competitive Advantage

Sure, positioning expresses the philosophy about your app, but you must also express that how is your app different from other dating apps on the market. What unique features your app has? How it will eliminate creepers, spammers, and bots? Answering these question will solidify your app concept.

For starters you can focus on just one unique feature that is different from others. But keep in mind that dating app market is flooded today. And the more original & unique features your app provides, the more chances that your app won’t be drowned out from the competition.

Start Social Media Marketing in Advance

Once you know what type of app you are going to deliver and who your app users are, start attracting your initial user base.

Find out the popular social platforms among your target audience and start marketing there. These social platforms are the first place where you’ll find your potential users and will be able to establish emotional connection with them.

Create social pages before you launch your app. This will help you gather your potential users and post content that is valuable to your audience. Now by posting content doesn’t mean just news about your app, but also unique, entertaining, and provides practical value to your audience.

All in all, craft unique content or promotional materials that are attractive & catchy enough to spread across the networks.

Start With a Community

People generally date with a radius around where they live. This is the reason why most dating apps are location-based. But the problem is, you need to sign up enough users within a particular area. Even if you gain 5000 users for your app and they’re distributed all around US for example, your app won’t be able to produce many dates for your users.

What you can do is, first start with a promising area to launch your app. Pick an area where your audience socializes often. This way, your app will easily generate dates. Another solution is targeting local campuses. They help a lot for spreading word about your app through word-of-mouth.

Bottom line is, start from small region or campus, if your app succeeds there, people will automatically start spreading news about your app through several channels.

Don’t Even Think About Fake Accounts

Generally, the common idea is to create a certain number of fake accounts and remove them as the real users join. It’s known to be easiest way to populate your app, but it not recommended.

However, when planning to develop a location dating apps, it’s advised to consult a mobile app development company that can drive you on right path to success.

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