Saturday, June 1, 2013

What It Takes To Hire iPhone App Developer With Real Genius?

You might have come across many blogs and write-ups talking about the guide and tips to hire iPhone app developer. However, if you’re thinking about how this one is going to be different for you then you should rather bend your thought to make sure it is useful instead.

Follow these DOs and DON’Ts to hire iPhone app developer with real talent:
  1. Pitch a Tested and Validated Idea: No offense but every other person has an iPhone app idea and very likely your iPhone app developer might have already heard the idea before, that you are going to propose or pitch. Therefore it is in your as well your developer’s best interest to work around tested and a validated app idea.

    And if you need help doing so, then here is a guide on How to Test Your Idea

  2. Avoid Slack Approach: A casual or slack approach is hardly going to interest your iPhone app developer or anyone else, frankly. Like mentioned earlier, developers are frequently approached by several people with iPhone app ideas and you could be one of them unless you have a seriously different approach with detailed specifications if not end-to-end clarity.

    Besides there are many iPhone application developers who have their own ideas which they want to convert into apps. And they may see more benefit in turning around their own concepts than yours.

  3. Document Your Idea (with Diagrams or Hand-Sketches, if required): You may have the idea glued in your mind or you may be sleeping, eating and living with that app idea; it is strongly advisable to have it documented. Because this is how your iPhone application developer can obtain the thorough understanding about the application concept.

    You should also include diagrams or hand-sketches wherever required as developers use the same methodology (Wireframing, which are more detailed and usually prepared by technical professionals) too. Doing so will also create and convey a positive impression about your seriousness toward the project.
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Believe it or not but all the hard work you put is going to render significant advantages, a couple of which are as follows:
  • With this pre-preparation and pre-visualization you are actually increasing your iPhone app developer’s faith and confidence in your project, which will earn equal promise and participation from him and is eventually good for your project.
  • Obviously when you have done your homework in that detail it is less likely for anyone to trick or fool you.
There can be plenty of other ways to try out but not for everyone, and necessarily not for majority which is comprised of non-technical people.

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Oh Yes! 1 more thing that you must reckon is that you can anyway work with an iPhone app creator who can merely operate as per your instructions but to hire iPhone App Developer with real genius you do need a convincing plot and pitch.

Good Luck with your iPhone App Project.

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