Thursday, March 20, 2014

Social Messaging Apps like WhatsApp continue to climb App Store

Ever since Face book has acquired WhatsApp for whooping $19 billion, app stores witnessed steady downloads increase of social messaging apps. Let us have a look at some of the facts.
  • Since the five years of its operation, WhatsApp managed to have 450 million users and among them 70% are active on any day. This is by no means a small number and for that matter small achievement!
  • Throughout 2013, WhatsApp messenger secured second place on Google Play and in December 2013, it secured 8th made it the most downloaded messaging app in 2013 across the globe
  • As WhatsApp continued to rise in the Top 10 list of non-game app charts,Twitter it has performed brilliant even outside U.S. Those regions include Europe, parts of Asia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia place on the iOS App Store. This figures undoubtedly

And, if you are thinking that it is only WhatsApp that has created huge wave of developing WhatsApp like apps in the mobile application industry, you are wrong.

Yes, there are other social messaging apps that too have contributed in the present rage revolvingaround WhatsApp like apps. Let us have a look at them too to understand the whole scenario with regards to popularity of social messaging apps.
  • Along with WhatsApp, Viber Tencent's QQ moved up the charts
  • Other messaging apps too secured their places in top five
  • In February, Japanese e-commerce big gun Rakuten acquired Viber Media for $900 million
  • LINE and WeChat expand their services that include e-commerce sales, mobile payments among others
  • Social messaging apps like Viber started attracting more users by introducing innovative features such as sticker store, Viber Out - a service letting people call landlines and mobiles without Viber
  • There are some social message applications that are rumored to be introducing gaming platforms as well to their applications
Know more about these here.

All these facts point out the trend - social messaging apps. Apart from gaming applications, social media messaging apps are in demand and there is every reason why innovative, brave and creative appreneurs should cash in on this big wave of developing WhatsApp like apps.

In order to do so, one has to always understand one's reason to do that. Identification of niche area and focus on that area go extra miles to achieve desired results. Partnering with technology expert like Space-O is one such key to achieve those results.

Re-skinning, re-developing or cloning of WhatsApp like apps requires understanding of the overall scenario with regards to social message apps. It also involves deep understanding of technology and how to play with source code. Above all, you need a technology partner like Space-O who can even market your apps quite well. The combination of all these can make your WhatsApp like app a huge success and make you richer and that too faster!

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