Thursday, October 6, 2016

Increase Your Mobile App User Engagement by developing an app like Yahoo Newsroom

These days developing an app is not that challenging. The challenge lies in creating and maintaining a user engagement and loyal user base. For that, an app must be highly innovative, competitive and yet unique. However, only ‘sign-ups’ are not sufficient to get things going in your favor.

What is User Engagement?

“The definition of an engaged user varies from product to product”.

A strong user engagement is the ultimate outcome of quite a few elements, all working in unison.

For a to-do app, a user engagement should be sign-in each day to add and complete items while for an invoicing app, user engagement might only login once per month. There is no like quantifiable definition of engagement over different products.

How apps increase user engagement?

A user engagement is based on the product and user engaged with a news app like CNN or Flipboard or to-do list app similar Wunderlist if he opens the app every day. This adds difficulty to measure user engagement. Irrespective of the product, expanding user engagement is the key to a successful mobile product.

How Yahoo Re-engage it users?

Yahoo Newsroom is an innovative news app that’s powered by the people and for the people. Now user can get the best news from around the web without the group of news from other feeds. For that, explore a list of categories that call “Vibes”, to search the topics and news that matter. From there, join the discussion by sharing your own reactions and evolve the conversation by posting videos and articles and from surroundings. Now, news feed just got way more exciting!

Yahoo Newsroom is now available to download on iOS and Android.

What Uncommon Features Yahoo discloses?

To re-engage its user, yahoo integrates uncommon features as:

  • A user can pick from 200 categories according to its interests, called Vibes. To receive a personalized news feed from across US and world news, current events, the latest about an election, finance and business, entertainment, in sports, lifestyle and much more. 
  • Posting articles and evolve the conversation from around the web directly into the related Vibe to start a discussion.
  • News feed carries top stories from a wide variety of news sources - Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, NPR, Huffington Post, among others. 
  • Will the help of personalized alerts, a user can stay on top of the news and conversations, according to their relevance so that they don't miss it. 
  • Yahoo’s personalization technology assures that people sharing user's interests will see their posts and prompt to join the conversation.

Output of App like Yahoo Newsroom

Such news app will give prominence to stories which pull more comments from users, among other factors. Though many of them already turn to Twitter and Facebook for commenting and sharing on news stories. Yahoo says its service is unique as the Newsroom app functions only "public" news as individual posting about pets family or personal activities are not permitted.

Developing an app with more user engagement, adds extra value to app and thus increases user downloads. This is one of the step to get your app more popular. Have an idea to develop best news app? Want to implement it? Yes, we can help you by modifying your raw idea into an app. Our work speaks more of us as we have received a tag of one of the leading mobile app development company. We have developed 2000+ mobile apps by being first to integrate 20+ unique feature.

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