Monday, July 1, 2013

Must Have an iOS App for The USA Market

In the first quarter of the year 2013, Android has captured 64.4% of the global market,for selling the smart phones. On the contrary – iOS applications has been dominating the mobile application market. 

Globally, since last two quarters the Apple store is dominating the number of downloads and the revenue sharing, over the Google Play.  You should very carefully observe that USA is on the 3rd position in the revenue chart of the Google Play, as per App Annie’s Market Report for Q1, 2013.

Google Play downloads close to 90% of iOS App Store downloads in Q1 2013 iOS App Store generated 2.6x the app revenue of Google Play in Q1 2013
Any of the above numbers does not take the credibility of the Android apps, to influence the consumer. But when you shift your focus to generate profits out of the mobile phone applications, iOS has quite an advantage, over the Android apps. Adds more weight to this statement if your target audience is from the USA! 

Apparently the iPhone and iPad users are the reason for this shift of the revenue radar towards the iOS apps. Android smart phones are built to create value for money products. Apple customer base is a loyal quality driven and willing to pay kind. And eventually this makes the difference in the choices of them. 

And the iOS is an extraordinary platform for the iPhone Application Developers to produce apps which can influence the customers. The futuristic – revolutionary, iOS7 could make the days even tougher for the Android apps. And the hype created by the Apple is unprecedented. 

The dynamic UI, multitasking background data integration and commercial customization of private data sharing features are the platform, no mobile operating system ever had. From the commercial perspective of mobile application development, the numbers on the revenue charts should keep moving towards the iOS, for 2 more quarters easily.

As you are aware, only 10% of paid applications are used by the users compared to the active devices using the free applications. While you are investing for such a small market share, it requires an obvious emphasis on monetization. For an entrepreneur targeting the mobile users from the USA, there isn’t a wiser pick than the iPhone apps. 

Over the past few years, Android has been dominating the smart phone sales – Alright! But the preference of the merchandisers to reach the active mobile users in the USA has been iOS applications. 

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