Saturday, July 6, 2013

Benefits and Drawbacks with iPad App Development

Every coin has two sides and so does iPad app development. There are number of advantages and disadvantages that we should keep in consideration while creating iPad apps which will help us plan, project and publish our apps just the way we aimed to do so.

Here are the Benefits:
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): With the widespread of BYOD, corresponding need for tablet apps has also increased. Therefore it makes all sense to create iPad app solutions that boost business productivity or enhance employee efficiencies and engagement.
  • Specific Screen Dimensions: Thanks to Apple for keeping the screen sizes consistent and disclosing dimensions prior to product launch which is not the case with the competition. User Interface Designers can therefore stick to the specific screen sizes and work on iPad apps accordingly, i.e. they may not have to invest time, energy and money to optimize apps for different tablet sizes.
  • User Audience: Apple’s iPads have remained leaders both in volume and revenue. And they have sustained this from the inception of iPad and tablet computing. Further iPad is a premium product with higher adoption by users with good disposable income. Hence you can target a user-base that is more willing to spend, through your iPad app development and generate good business through your apps.
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And the Drawbacks include following:
  • Competition: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently revealed at WWDC 2013 that iOS App Store is home to 900,000 apps, comprising 375,000 iPad-specific apps. Therefore you are going to face a fierce competition and that you will have set some budget aside for your iPad app marketing and promotion. 
  • Revenue Sharing and Tax: You must know that Apple takes 30 percent of all revenue generated through apps and a further 30 per cent get deducted as a withholding tax. This means you are left with only 49% [(100% - 30%) – 30%] of the earnings. Hence you must strategize your to monetize through iPad app accordingly.
Hope this write-up will help you achieve and attain what you are trying to with your iPad application development. And if you have anything else to add, you can share with the community.

Best Luck for your mobile app project.

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