Thursday, September 15, 2016

How To Make Money Through Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

2016 will be the year of conversational commerce. We have seen Facebook's Messenger Chatbots are praised and underpowered.

Facebook has more than 1 billion monthly active users, from which 300 million users are using the service for voice or video calls. Analysts estimated that Facebook would see $5.37 billion in revenue and $0.68 EPS. eMarketer also said that Facebook will grab $9.86 billion in U.S. display ad revenue in 2016.

These numbers denoted that Facebook is getting popularity among its users and enjoying huge revenue.These days, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg introduced different services, from virtual reality to chatbots to the next 1 billion people.

Facebook’s Messenger recently added chatbots to enhance the communication to the next level.

His latest brainstorm was trotted out at F8 this year: opening Facebook’s Messenger to chatbots. Here, it seems, is a way to advance the next revolution in communication, one that he argues is destined to replace apps, which are reportedly in decline.

Bots suffer from a perception that they are not as useful as advertised - David Marcus

As the Facebook Chatbots are not launched fully, developers weren’t really given enough time or resources to develop bots before the platform gone live. There are many adopters felt that bots weren’t better than mobile web and mobile app counterparts.

According to David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, said that the company is not offering tools to the developers that enable bots to accept payments without sending users to an external website. That’s why bots are not getting popularity,as big e-commerce were have to direct users towards their website to complete the purchase.

New Opportunities in Facebook Messenger ChatBots

There are some bots focusing on delivering news have done well while others have to require a lot of work to offer a convincing experience.

With the addition of payments and webview, Hipmunk’s forthcoming travel bot can help travelers to search and book airlines tickets and hotels. This messaging application also shows itineraries as well. Apart from this, developers also will be given more direction from Facebook about how to develop successful Messenger experiences.

Get Payment Through 30,000 Facebook Messenger Chat bots

Facebook has an opportunity to make "native" payments that help to accelerate commerce on the platform simply, as it minimizes friction. The credit card information that stored in Facebook or Messenger can be used by users to make purchases within bots.

It’s a new launch as a closed beta test, however, it rolled out across the 34,000 developers that have joined the platform.

Consumers will no longer have to communicate with bots only through text. As developers can pull in web interfaces, so users can easily scroll through lists or play games while still within the Messenger platform. The more variety brands and users have within Messenger; the better chances users stay engaged.

However, the company is working with the all major players like Braintree, Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal, and American Express support payment in Messenger. David Marcus said if more people can bring Messenger onto their everyday life, they will be engaged with the platform more and ultimately, it increases the opportunity to generate revenue.

How e-Commerce Website Can Make a Millions out of it?

1-800-Flowers chat bot was the first chatbot on Messenger that offer service of Order Flowers and Talk To Support. The bot is good at parsing addresses correctly. It offers smoother execution to its users. And, for business, it’s a new way of increasing revenue.

If you are thinking to develop bot for your business, you have to consider below given points to earn millions.
  • Get the friction-causing elements of your sales/checkout process out.
  • Avoid unnecessary steps or places that could be sped up.
  • Avoid typical typical sales process, as it churns out customers.
It isn’t easy to develop a bot for Facebook messenger for the novice developer. But, you have the option to hire mobile app development company to develop a bot for you. If you have an idea for your ecommerce bot development project, contact us to discuss right now. We are happy to assist you.

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