Monday, September 19, 2016

Navigate The World By Pairing With Augmented Reality

Now it's time to navigate the real world.

Urban Engines are excited to share the next phase of their journey -- it is now a part of the Google Maps team! Location analytics is a primary focus for both Google and Urban Engines and are eager to combine forces to help organisations better understand how the world walks.
The company released a self-titled app which reveals key features to mobile mapping – among them an augmented reality mapping mode, quick computation and the ability to utilize maps offline in the key North American launch cities, Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

Urban Engines practices the buzzing phrase the “internet of moving things” to express its plot idea, utilizing analytics assembled by urban commuters to help control the cities' flow. Presently the company is taking its collection of data and platform back to the Mountain View mother-ship.

These Urban Engines will Label road and street names along with other relevant information on a real-world map or showcase on your windshield along with weather, destination direction, road conditions terrain, and information of traffic as well as alerts to potential hazards.

The Future That Augmented Reality Holds

Perceived as the future's technology, Augmented Reality is developing its space in the market by continuing to work with top companies and brands. An infinite application emerging from the steady development of ground-breaking AR is modifying the way people observe and learn from their surroundings and is reforming business models of companies.

Augmented Reality Engages and Enchants

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information along with live video and the user's surroundings in actual time. Commonly use of devices for Augmented Reality are those of a computer, a screen and a camera. Augmented Reality identifies a visual picture, blends latest information, and demonstrate the virtual result. All this takes place in real time, producing excellent experiences. Geo-location and its real-time enhanced maps display. Acting as a GPS, Augmented Reality caters suggestive and classified information to the user.

The next five years will exhibit some significant advances in the virtual world of AR technology, and it is expected to see it become far more integrated into our day to day lives. And that’s the actual challenge – merging seamlessly the physical and digital worlds.

It is safe to say that augmented reality is trending more popular in following days and we’ll apparently see more and more Augmented Reality apps in the coming years. Let's see what new is experienced with Augmented Reality?

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