Friday, February 12, 2016

Why do you need an instant messaging application for your business to deliver better customer service?

Are you seeking innovative and advanced groundbreaking techniques through which you can connect with the customers in a more prominent way?

Have you ever considered any messenger app for your business?

Integrating a smart messaging app with your business module would make the relationship between the customer and the retailer very simple and flexible.

Why messenger type app for business?

Are you aware about messaging applications and their functionalities? Well, all of us are.

With the arrival of messaging applications life was made much more easier with respect to communication. Messages could be sent instantly and the reverts were received faster than expected.

Messaging applications as such reduce the communication barrier between individuals. Now in context to business owners, messaging applications would prove to be very advantageous.

When the messaging service was first introduced for business owners, they could respond instantly to their customers and resolve their conflicts either privately or publicly.

The application would bring the business owners and the customers closer to each other thereby making the experience more powerful.

Nowadays using messaging applications has become very common and so such an application would prove to be very beneficial for the business owners.

The business owners would be able to keep track of their customer complaints and manage their communications.

How this messaging app can prove to be beneficial for the business?

Privacy: The biggest benefit of this app would be the ability to privately message the customers.

Query Solution: If the customers need to ask questions about any product they are looking forward to purchase then they can directly inquire.

Customer Support: Messaging application proves out to be the best way in which the business can support the customers who face issues regarding the product they want to purchase.

Confidentiality: Providing private support is a very important aspect for the business. There may be situations wherein the customers would have to share their personal information in order to get an issue resolved.

Handle Complaints: If there are any negative comments or complaints regarding any service that your business is providing then this feature would let you take the conversation offline and defuse it quickly so that it may not create a negative impact over the other customers.

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We have already developed an app named Tuloko: a social-cum-business application which connects people to their local community through a messenger service to chat on relatively shared interests targeted to the black community.

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