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Rejected! How Irrelevant Screenshot Can Reject Your App on iTunes.

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According to the guideline, 3.3 by iTunes - 5% of the apps with names, descriptions or screenshot not relevant to the app content and functionality will be rejected.

According to the App Store guidelines document: Apple has started to enforce an App Store rule that requires all screenshot on the store to comply to the 4+ age rating standard, and is removing apps that depict violence or feature guns in their screenshot.

Here I have shared one of the cases the study of an iOS developer whose app was rejected for an inappropriate screenshot.

The main reason behind the rejection of the developed app was that the screenshot placed for the description was not appropriate. The app was one which included biographies. I selected the persona as the animated cartoon character Tom and Jerry and I included their pictures in the screenshot.

But then the app was rejected by iTunes because the images I chose to display as the screenshot were copyright images and the trademark belonged to Warner Bros.

The reply given by one of the professional was that one cannot use copyrighted material to promote the app.

If the pictures were to be used then a permission from the Warner Bros was needed and then that has to be included as a note for the reviewer when the app is being submitted in iTunes. If the permission is not granted then the image must be changed to a non-copyrighted one.

How can the use of trademarked images can lead to app rejection by iTunes?

There is even another reason of iTunes rejecting the app if the developer uses trademarked images of any Apple product.

If you display an image of an iPhone, or any other Apple product, inside your app it will be possibly rejected if you do not have a written approval from Apple to utilize that image.

The News that has been trending on air about the reasons iTunes rejects an app.

There was a news which was published mentioning one of the reasons why apple rejected an app which stated, “Apple Rejected App Because Screenshot Mentioned ‘Android’ ”

According to the app’s developer Michael Flarup, via Twitter, Breaking’s version 1.3 update was rejected by the App Store review team because it mentioned Apple’s competitor in the mobile space, namely Google’s Android, in a screenshot.

Let me share an experience of iOS developer:

One of the developers of iOS developed a particular app which was then submitted to be approved by iTunes so that the app could be published live on iTunes. But after submission of the app, iTunes rejected the app because the screenshot used in the app were inappropriate and irrelevant.

We developed an app for editing videos on Snapchat which was for the age of 4+ users. But the screenshots which were used as a description for the app were inappropriate as they contained images with girls in bikini. And the app got rejected by iTunes due to this reason.

The issue was then resolved and the screenshots were replaced by the images of children and now the application is under the review process by iTunes and soon we will be providing the screenshots once the application is live.

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