Sunday, February 21, 2016

Keyless Cars! - The Future of Automobile Industry


Volvo will be displaying the new range of 'cars without keys' at a technology conference this week.

Volvo is all set to introduce its new technology which is actually the latest one and will become the world’s first car company to sell vehicles which can be unlocked and switched on using the app that would be installed on their mobile phones.

The technology will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress technology conference in Barcelona this week which is the biggest event in the mobile industry calendar and will be launched most probably in the year 2017.

How will this idea be implemented?

The S90 estate cars of Volvo will be linked up to a smartphone app which will allow the drivers to unlock the doors, open the boot and start the engine. Drivers can let their friends drive their car even after being miles apart from each other.

This will be possible by operating the car through the app installed in the mobile devices.

This technological leap is an initiative to integrate digital technology into the vehicles.

What are the Features of Keyless Car Technology?

  • You can lend your car key digitally to your friend or anybody whom you wish to from miles away by operating from the app and authenticating your identity.

  • The lives of the customers would become less complicated because of this technology.

What can be the possible problems that the customers may face?

This technology grants us the chance to lend our car key digitally by operating it through our mobile phone app but there may even arise a situation when our mobile phones may run out of battery life.

Then in such a scenario, it would become difficult to operate the functions of the car.

This can lead into creating a potential problem.

Martin Rosenqvist, Volvo’s director of new cars quoted that, “ Drivers will make sure that their phone is charged if they know it is also their car key ”.

Hoping for the best and depending on the trial’s success, this new technology may become available only for a limited number of commercial Volvo cars in the year 2017.

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