Friday, September 19, 2014

How Mobile Apps Increase Revenue & Improve Customer Engagement

Millions of people have left desktops and switching to mobile devices and tablets. As there has been a paradigm shift in the use of mobile phones, mobile apps should offer something unique to the users.

How are you planning to engage your customers?

By building a mobile app, you should be able to enhance your company’s image as well as make revenue.

In order to engage the existing clients and attract the new ones, you should think of an app that is easy to navigate and user friendly too. Keeping in mind the targeted users, you should opt for custom mobile app development that skyrockets your sales and boosts the profits.

Mobile app development is a vast term and hence, you should find out what exactly your business needs. Talk to a few mobile application development experts and get suggestions. Whether you create an ecommerce app or social networking app, it should engage and interest the users during the day, night and all the time. Think of a unique strategy that creates customer engagement and at the same time, helps you generate good amount of income.

Mobile application development can surely help to boost the brand visibility and increase the brand awareness. Attractive mobile application designs are simple to navigate and the customers can get relevant information quickly. Businesses can send regular updates about the offers or discounts through push notifications. Mobile app development also helps to facilitate the sales process and maximize revenue. It is important to enhance customer experience and improve user interaction.

84% of small businesses see an increase in new business activity once they establish a mobile presence. This is probably because, according to an ABI Research survey of US consumers, of the respondents who said they had downloaded a retailer-branded app:
  • 45.8% visited the store more often
  • 40.4% bought more of the store’s products and services
  • 35.8% told a friend about their shopping experience
  • 30.8% encouraged friends to visit the store

With engaging mobile apps, you can reach a great number of visitors. It can also help you gain better exposure. If you want to create a mobile app for your business, the first thing you should do is look for expert and experienced mobile app developers and discuss your requirements and expectations. In fact, talk to a few good and skilled developers and get advice. You can choose to hire the best one and create an engaging mobile app for your business.

Think of a budget and select the right set of functionality needed for your app. You can also have a look at competitor apps to know what they do in order to stay ahead in the race. While developing mobile apps, always remember that there would be thousands of similar apps and so, you need to come up with “something different and unique” in order to stand out from the crowd.

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