Monday, August 12, 2013

Why should you hire iPhone Developer when you can employ one?

As an iPhone development company, you must always keep options to meet the increasing demands of the market. And instead committing to increased in-house staff, flexible business models of off-shore staffing are the ones to be considered first.

Effective brand merchandising and brand recognition, is now defined by the popularity of the mobile app. Increasing smart phone users and eventually increasing various app users is the market to look out for tomorrow. But at the same time, your profits are shrinking and a cost effective business models is the need of the hour.

There are 2 vital reasons why to hire iPhone developer than employing one:
  • Flexibility against Cost:
    Let’s say at present you are cherishing volumes and you choose to employ additional staff. When the volumes shrink, redundancy follows with severance packages. Not to mention the values for employing staff is already higher compared to the cost to hire iPhone developer.

    The offshore business model will allow you deploy as many or as fewer hours you need to have your projects executed. And terminate the contract once the project is completed. The flexibility will allow you extend your resources in an effective manner to meet your variable requirements.

  • Expansive range of Skills:
    Employing an iPhone developer, is like buying set of skills. The replacement of the product is not always the option. So when your requirement changes you must buy another set of skills. An offshore business model will allow you switch to different set of skills with no additional cost (no recruitment cost, no fix pay and no employee benefits).

    An analytically chosen offshore development partner will bring the experience & skills of years. Eventually at the cost of a developer, you would be getting a team of analysts, designers, developers and marketers to support you in every aspect of the development.
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