Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enterprise Mobility – Rejuvenate the Classroom & Shrink the Library

The biggest gift from technology to the society is Enterprise Mobility. It is a powerful tool that eradicates the requirement of virtual private networks and integrates the database of the organizations to an application that can be managed by a handheld portable device. However, the application of the word “Mobility” is often misunderstood.

The applications of Enterprise Mobility are not only limited to corporate employees who operate remotely. They create an interface which allows a user to access large corporate data, ready to be accessed from anywhere at any given time. And that can redefine extraordinary day-to-day life applications to change the way we access the information.

We at Space-O Technologies have been working on designing customized applications powered by cloud systems such as – Amazon Web Services. And we have discovered the solutions that can be implemented to rejuvenate the educational industry to take it to new era of technology. Enterprise Mobility is the solution to a number of problems Education industry faces today.

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We already have designed multi-platform solutions to run the backend systems, e-learning programs and online fees collection systems. However, we consider an educational institute as an Enterprise and these features are only the basic ones any organization should have. The real value of the Enterprise Mobility will be in yielding the benefits to the budding future generation at the educational institutes.

For example, the entire library of the institute / university is migrated digitally. Using Enterprise Mobility you can enable the students, teachers and professors to have access to entire library at their finger tips at any given time they want to. The professors and teachers can show the examples in the classroom utilizing the reference material at the most effective manner.

If you are an educational institute, irrespective how large or small, get in touch with us and understand the applications of the Enterprise Mobility. Our analyst will be keen to understand your requirements. And would be happy to explain you the technical side of Enterprise Mobility to boost the teaching experience & the operational business empowerment you can create.
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