Friday, September 15, 2017

What's At Stake When Startup Founders Try to Cut Their Mobile App Development Costs?

People tend to underestimate the work required for building a mobile app. They just think that it is just computer work, and their cousin’s friend is pursuing some degree in Computer Science, so he could do it at much cheaper rate, right?


What most first-time startup founders fail to understand is that the app itself is not expensive, but the amount of work required from mobile app developers and designers is expensive. You can find millions of mobile apps in App Stores and yet only a handful of them earns money or are really useful. Facebook and Google for example, have hundreds of engineers and developers working on a single app.

Besides, there are also apps which are fundamental to businesses that are worth billions of dollars. These apps were not developed by a single person or a team of 2-3 developers, most of them were designed and developed by at least a team of more than 5 persons.

Moreover, we can confidently say that a top-100 app has never been built by a group of freelance app developers or a small dev shop. Today, the competitive market has such high standards that these players can’t keep up. We don’t mean to say that it’s a good thing, but it’s just the reality.

We’ve heard from many people who invested $10-$15k to build a small app, but received shady final product. This was just one example, let’s go ahead and discuss what’s at stake if you cut your mobile app development costs by choosing shortcuts.


The final app is poorly designed. It looks dodgy with cheap UI. Users generally don’t trust such shady interface, so they don’t download the app or spend their money in it.


Quality is negligible. Poor or no testing was conducted, and no security or performance protocols were in place. User’s private data will be at risk and your entire source code could also surface online at any day.


The final app isn’t scalable when the time arrives. New users strain the system. And when finally the app starts receiving increased traffic, the app becomes a liability.


Because of the absence of clear app requirements, a detailed brief, and clear scope of work, every modified feature are labelled as “extras” in the end. Because of this, the low price tag suddenly turns into 200% of the contract value due to endless change requests.


At last, the code becomes unusable for any other developer because of the endless times of modification. And even if you hire a legitimate app development firm now, they’ll have to start from scratch.

Benefits of Paying For Top Talent

Smart, expert, and experienced mobile app developers are keen problem solvers. They provide incredible amount of value. And given the demand for the top talent everywhere around the world, why should they choose to work for $5 an hour? They won’t, of course.

These talented, smart, and experienced app developers build mobile apps that are highly-scalable. Their mobile app designers create a UI that’s just addictive and sticky to attract more and more users. Just think about it this way - Why would Google and Facebook spend so much money on their development teams?

Simple. They obviously know the value of talented critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Now, when it comes to mobile app development, most app ideas do not require a team consisting of dozens of people, but it will most certainly require a team of designers, developers, quality testers, and managers, who can make your product useful and competitive. Therefore, make sure that your mobile app development firm forms a team of them all.

How Much Would It Cost To Hire Top Talent For Mobile App Development?

Generally, the mobile app development costs are influenced by many different factors. And even small changes during the app development can cause increase and decrease in the overall cost. It can also be influenced by number of platforms your app has to be compatible with. Most startups usually start with one platform to validate their mobile app idea. Besides, choosing both platforms (Android & iOS) will just double the costs.

Overall, mobile app development is expensive. However, our experienced mobile app development team can advise you on which core features the app must have and point out those which can be left out for later once your idea has been validated.

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