Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Secret Sauce Behind Most Successful Dating App Tinder!

Within just two years, the most successful dating Tinder become the most addictive thing happen in dating world on internet. After it’s launch in September 2012, Tinder has achieved remarkable success happened in this digital age.

Tinder has acquired more than 50 million users and each of these users logging into the app at least 11 times a day.

Initially, when the founders Sean Rad and Justin Marteen got the idea about Tinder, they first launched it in the University of Southern California with 300 users. And by the end of week they had 1000 users. Since then, A new craze was born in dating world.

So how did Tinder changed the entire dating scene?

Unlike other real dating apps like, OKCupid, and, They basically knocked out all traditional dating services and replaced it with an App that’s easy to use and minimizing the fear of reject.

In Tinder, they didn’t add any boring forms to fill to get dates, they simply allowed users to sign in with facebook profile. And in the app, user needs to do a simple right swipe if liked the person, and swipe left if didn’t liked the person.

As a matter of fact, swiping right or left was the only action a user can take, unless both the person had swiped right for each other’s profile, then only it allowed them to send message.

However, to promote the app and boost its registration rate, Tinder recently hired “college campus reps” to increase their domination in the college population.

They did so by organizing parties where a specific entry was the requirement. And guess what, the requirement was to compulsory download the Tinder app before entering. This way, Tinder successfully promoted their app through college campus reps.

So the thing to learn here is, rather than using traditional ads on facebook and other social media platforms, you should be you using such real life and organic strategies that guarantees success in short period of time.

Therefore, if you’ve such idea and want to make an app like Tinder, make sure to avoid including traditional dating services because as we just observed here, these things don’t work anymore.

You should target to create an app like Tinder that changes the whole dynamics of meeting people for dating and hook ups. And since the new dating craze risen, you shouldn’t wasting time studying all of the other dating services.

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