Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top-Rated Educational Apps that You Must Download Now

‘Educational’ is a wide term. When it comes to the mobile apps, there is a collection of software under this category. Educational applications encompass of both first and third-party developers.

Users could check the top educational offering in Google Play Store, however, locating the best apps and those that aren’t just a trend is the most difficult to find.

There are many types of educational applications, customized for high-school students, college graduates, and book-readers.

No matter, you are looking for ways to polish your mind or organize your coursework or expand your knowledge, below is the list of best examples of android educational app development for everyone.

Wattpad 📖 Free Books

Wattpad is the among the most downloaded android application, having free stories and books written by published and aspiring authors. This application has popular genres and unique topics to read.

Wattpad allows users to follow stories as the stories written by other people. Just like social networks, Facebook and Twitter, you can connect with writers and other readers.

Audio Books by AudiobookStore

Audiobooks application is an award-winning app that plays the audiobooks that you have purchased through the AudiobookStore.com website. Through audiobooks application, you can play over 50,000 of the best-selling downloadable audiobooks of different categories.

At audiobookStore.com, you can find audiobooks of most recognized authors, and publishers. This application also has social features that allow you to share text or any phrase with your friends and family.


Duolingo application teaches users how to speak a second language. This application also has some interesting mini-games and small lessons to enhance your vocabulary that concludes in more difficult lessons.

Duolingo android app practices speaking, listening, reading and writing. it also improves basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and allows users to learn new words daily.

Memrise Learn Languages Free

Memrise is one of the best learning applications that has a set of courses for each language. It supports users to learn a new language as effectively as possible.

Having a course-based setup, it allows you to choose among 1000s of courses in 100s of languages. Users can sync app between devices, multiple test modes, and progress tracking to see how they are really doing.

King of Math Junior

King of Math Junior app is a mathematics game in a medieval environment where users climb the social ladder by answering to the math questions and solving puzzles of counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Comparing, Measuring, and so on.

This educational android game app allows users to collect stars, get medals and compete against friends and family. Users have expertise in the game and become a King or Queen of Math.

So, these are some of the best educational android applications- a mix of learning languages, games, and books. If you have found some interesting apps at Google Play Store or Idea to make an android app, then contact us. We have developed more than 20 android educational apps, which you can check in our portfolio.

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