Monday, May 4, 2015

Long Exposure Photography Though Your iPhone or Android Apps

As per NYTIMES, SAN FRANCISCO: Smartphone cameras has steadily improved and much better, now smartphone has covered long exposure photography. Taking pictures with a smartphone has become so popular now days as its handy and possible with less luggage.

And even now, Companies are producing dozens of inexpensive smartphone attachments that can easily convert a mobile phone into a mini-professional camera.

Even now, you can take long exposure shots with your phone. Long exposure photos look pretty fancy pants, with digital SLRs often used to create this effect. However, sometimes this type of photo can happen by accident, the result can be disastrous or a pleasant surprise that fools you into thinking you have superior photography skills. And yes these photos are arty-farty impressive, but shots like this are within your reach — just grab your smartphone!

Check out this post to know more about smartphone creativity and long exposure photography through iPhone & Android apps.

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