Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things to Know before Undertaking iOS Application Development

One iPhone can change the world! And, it has indeed ever since its arrival. If you are an enterprise planning to have an iOS application, you may be amazed to know what it takes to develop iOS applications and how any professional iOS application development company like Space-O deals with iOS application development in India.

Let us have a look at what is it that any iOS application development company or an independent iOS developer may need in order to execute successful iOS application development.

Technicalities of iOS application development

Since, iOS is owned by Apple, the giant has given specific guidelines to develop any iOS application. As far as hardware is concerned, every iOS developer needs to have a Mac OS X that runs Xcode tools. Every iOS developer needs to master this Xcode which is Apple's suite of development tools provided for project management, code editing, building executables and debugging.

SDK - software development kit - distributed by Apple also needs to be downloaded by iOS developers. It is very essential that iOS application development company houses developers who know Objective-C as all iOS programs are written in that language. In order to help iOS developers, Apple has introduced a version API for Objective-C called Cocoa Touch for iPhone and iPad application development. This would be easier to handle for the developers who know quite well Objective-C, C, C++ or Java.

Importance of being an approved Apple developer

Apple takes you - the iOS developer quite seriouslyTwitter Hence, it has some stringent guidelines to be followed and it may take more than six months to be an approved Apple developer. Make sure that the iOS application developer company that you want to work with is an approved developer or not. If a company or a developer is not approved by Apple, the application cannot be put to sell on App store, and when your hard efforts do not get the platform such as Apple, you know the results and the risks.

It is not necessary that at the time of processing for approval, you need to be a developer. You can anyways get it approved by following certain formalities, so that when the time comes to register an app in App store, you just do not have to wait to be a registered iOS developer. Take your iOS application development seriously as the company wants you to take it.

Be mindful about smart phone proliferation

While it is true that iOS is the system on which all Apple products operate. It is equally true that not all applications respond in the same way as they may do on iPhone. For example, if you have developed an application keeping in mind the framework of an iPhone that uses camera, and microphone, the same application may not work well on iPod touch or iPad for that matter. It is therefore necessary that your iOS application development company knows these variations and knows well how to overcome that. Check what strategies your iOS application development adopts to manage device portability.

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