Thursday, November 7, 2013

From Ordinary Mobile Application Development Group to The Team of Superheroes

This article is for the mobile application development company who not only wants to build the company by a group of peoples but wants to build the company out of the team of superheroes, let's say the team of Avengers.

Now everybody has seen The Marvel’s Avengers, the whole team of Space-O had seen it, well who would like to miss it, right?

Now what we learn from it?

In the first half it was a group of Super Heroes and in the second half the group turned into a team of Super Heroes, collectively known as the Avengers. Now, what changes did we saw when the group turned into a team? They became an indestructible force to reckon with. Well the same thing can happen with an ordinary mobile application development company when it starts recognizing the powers of their employees.

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Just like the movie unfolded and the heroes started realizing the potential threat, they all buried the hatchet and started working as one team and some portion of the credit goes to the one eyed man, Nick Fury. And hence, in real life Nick Fury can be any person within the company or the company itself can act as Nick Fury. A catalyst is required in order to get the reaction and so someone needs to work as a catalyst to build the team of Super Heroes.

Even though Nick Fury was one eyed his vision was clear, his goal was clear and he was determined to achieve his goal, which was to assemble a team of Super Heros  to fight the evil forces that threatens to destroy the human race and the earth. Coming back to mobile application development company, the same thing must be applied and in order to get the desired results the company has to start learning about the strengths, weakness and expertise of their employees in their respective fields. A company must do anything to establish warmth, sense of unity and synergy among the employees. Once the bond of unity among the employees is developed then there is no stopping. Such mobile application development companies can face any kind threat from any Loki’s and can Avenge back what rightfully is theirs.

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