Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Syndrome of the Best iPhone Developer to Check Out For

In today's market it is getting very tough day by day to find a good breed of iPhone developers. There are still many companies who have to suffer in terms of hiring quality talent. So we are writing this article with a hope that it will it will help such companies when they set out to hire an iPhone developer.

We have personally faced some errors in the selection process when we were new in the market. But we have learned from our mistakes and those mistakes have taught us many things which otherwise we wouldn’t have learned. In short the mistakes came to us like learning in disguise. And with this article we want to share what we have learned with all of you out there.

There are a couple of things which at times are taken for granted when a company executive is taking interview to Hire iPhone Developer. Those things may sound very simple and ordinary things but we know through our lessons that such things matter the most.

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So when a company or/and its executive is about to hire iPhone developer then they should have the below mentioned 3 syndrome added in their assessment checkpoints.
  • A company exe. should be cleared about the requirement s/he wants in the iPhone developer. If a project requires an expert developer then hiring a fresher or a bunch of fresher’s won’t create a win-win situation. Instead you might have to end up providing training them on the job. It might backfire in a very wrong way. So it is always recommended to be clear on the requirement.

  • Another thing to do is before the interview is fixed and iPhone developers are shortlisted to come down for the interview, a thorough profile check should be done. It helps to gain access to some of the information which otherwise an executive would not have been able to know.

  • Check the creative side of the talent. We say this every now and then when somebody asks us about hiring process. Creativity is something which cannot be taught. It is god gift. A creative person will surely bring something up on the table which has the chances to amaze the client in their requirements. Such creative talents have the ability to push the whole company in a leading and a distinctive position.
So the above 3 syndrome (as we call it) should be added in the assessment list of checkpoints when a company sets to hire iPhone developer.

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